Here is Why Cheap Silver Jewellery is Making a Comeback

cheap indian jewellery onlineSilver jewellery is the new thing that is raging across the fashion industry. It is cheap and durable and young working class people are flocking to buy them online, as they do.

Silver is one those metals that has been used to make jewellery for a long time now. Silver jewellery is making a comeback in the fashion trends recently and artisan silver jewellery is now the new in thing. With the advent of online shopping of jewellery ordering your favourite design has become extremely easy and user friendly. Silver being much cheaper than platinum or white gold, has de facto become the metal of choice for a large number of people in a developing country like India.

Pure silver and its alloys

Characteristically pure silver is a brittle metal with a very high melting point of 962 ⁰C. These characteristics make pure silver very unsuitable for making intricate jewellery. Sterling silver is an alloy of silver and copper in the ratio of 92.5:7.5. This alloy of silver is harder and has a lower melting point. Sterling silver is usually used for making jewellery. Another very interesting alloy that is used is called Argentum sterling silver. This is an alloy where germanium is added to sterling silver alloy to make it more suitable for intricate designs as it makes the alloy resistant to the fire scale.

The Rise of the Silver Jewellery

Silver jewellery is making a major comeback in the fashion industry. With the new trend of sustainable fashion being the mantra behind the creative drive, designers are creating new and exciting designs in silver. Silver rings and earrings are the new thing that the kids are into these days. Also the availability of loose cash in the hands of the young working class is creating its demand. Gold or platinum are way out of the range for them. Another important reason for the increase in demand of silver jewellery is the trend of wearing nude jewellery. Silver has that matt finish elegance of platinum at a small fraction of its cost so to keep up with the current trend people are choosing to wear silver.

Maintaining Your SilverJewellery Properly

Though silver is a fairly non-reactive element in normal temperatures, silver jewellery gets tarnished over time. Owing to the rampantly polluted environment we live in silver jewellery will react with it and form a steady black coating of silver sulphide reacting with the sulphur emitted from burning fossil fuels. Also low levels of ozone reacts with silver to form silver oxide. Since sterling silver contains other elements as well other than pure silver, they react with oxygen and water in the air to result in corrosion. All this talk of your jewellery getting corroded and tarnished might have you worried but you don’t have to. Jewellers have developed many ways to rid your piece of any corrosion and tarnish. The only point of worry here is that once every two years you have to take them to a jeweller to get them washed.

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