Fashion Jewellery can Accentuate your Office Look

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Jewellery is that extra spark that can light up your life in a brand new way. It has the power to make you look your best on any given day. As more women are moving out of the confines of their homes and are doing jobs, the culture of jewellery is also changing from traditional costly jewellery to modern designer pocket friendly jewellery.

India is famous for its jewellery. Its history of intricate designs and elaborate and expensive patterns has always been at the centre point of Indian jewellery production. But as Indian women start to step out of their homes in the new century and start taking an active role in the corporate and industrial sectors, the jewellery of India is also undergoing a rapid shift in culture. People are now buying fashion jewellery online and are wearing them to offices, parties and are also wearing them in religious and family functions.

Jewellery for a Corporate Space

Flaunting your jewellery is a very important part of the showcasing your beauty in the space. But a corporate setup demands a professional look, but with an elegant demeanour. Things that are a strict no-no are noisy trinkets and distractive necklaces. But apart from these obvious faux-pas  jewellery can be used in a very elegant manner to enhance your corporate look and accessorise your beauty. The main points to look out for while selecting your office wear is:

  • Choice of Earrings – Earrings are perhaps the most daunting task of all. How do you choose the earring that is modern and chic and still goes with your office decorum? Perhaps you could use a collection of junk jewellery to go in an advertising firm. Or you could go with a nice pearl earring for a law firm. It looks professional and sexy. Danglers are always a very bold choice and is often a double edged sword. If you think that the dangler is going with the elegant look, then it is okay, but if not, do not experiment with it.
  • Corporate Necklaces – Selecting a necklace from a busy Indian market and attempt to wear it to your office takes a lot of courage. You need to look bold and you need to stand out from your colleagues and a necklace goes a long way in establishing your stand as the queen bee. While choosing the necklace a good choice would be an assortment of chokers. They go beautifully in a corporate setup and help you get an elongated neckline. A simple gold chain will also help in accentuating the look, if you are going for simple and elegant.
  • The Perfect Ring – Rings are perhaps the most elegant of the pieces of jewellery available for corporate wear. A ring somehow brings forth the complexity of your complexion and accentuates your skin tone to a different level.

Corporate jewellery can both be elegant and minimalistic. It can also be artistic and flamboyant as hell. The basic point of contention here is that jewellery both designer and traditional can be a great addition to your corporate wardrobe repertoire. Artificial jewellery shops in Kolkata are increasing in numbers and are keeping a wide collection for their office going patrons.