India – A Land Of Ornamental Diversities for Years

rajasthani traditional jewelleryJewellery happens to be something that can be found in plenty in India. In fact India happens to be a place where you can get hold of a never ending variety of ornaments, not just the traditional ones but costume jewellery in its best form as well.

The cultural and traditional spirit of India can be well reflected in the type of jewellery that is worn and possessed by the women in India. Adding on to the grandeur of the entire thing is the fact that Indian jewellery as a whole happens to be a contribution of pieces from several nooks and corners of the entire Indian subcontinent. Be it the Rajasthani traditional jewellery or jewellery pertaining to the South, each piece seems to have a grandeur of their own.

Talking of the variations in the kinds of jewellery that the country has to offer, let us take a quick look at some of the most sought after jewellery pieces:

  • Meenakari Ornament – The Meenakari happens to be another well-known form that can be found in the Indian land of wonders. The most precious of all stones are used in this case. The enamelling task of the stones is basically done with the help of gold that adds on to the beauty of this exquisite piece of jewellery. It definitely has the charm that can beat any costume jewellery online that you might opt for.
  • Bridal Pieces – Indian bridal jewellery happen to be the most beautiful jewelleries of all kind in which a traditional Indian bride is usually decked up. These ornaments come in an array of colours and types for jewellery lovers to choose from. According to Indian culture, each piece of jewellery is said to signify a different meaning of its own and are worn for specific purposes. Truly a culture that will not find elsewhere.
  • Jadau Jewellry – This is another gift of the Mughals to us. The trend of Jadau ornament was generally brought in and initiated by the craftsmen who lived during the Mughal era. The most alluring part of this type is that the designs that are formulated on it are quite intricate. They happen to be a mixture of gemstones and gold together. It is this amalgamation that provide them with a complete different aura of their own.
  • The Kundan Dazzle – If you are an accounted lover of jewellery, there can hardly be a chance of you not coming across the finest version of Kundan ornaments. A Rajasthani traditional form of jewellery, it is actually termed as the Kundankari and has been explicitly made famous by the artisans and craftsmen of Rajasthan. There are essentially two sides of this piece of ornament. One happens to be the side embedded with some of the most beautiful stones. The other side happens to be decorated with the most intricate work of meenakari on it that adds to the dazzle.
  • Ivory Jewellery – A piece of ivory jewellery is said to bring about luck in the lives of the brides who wear them. Wearing ivory jewellery is considered to be very lucky for a newly married bride.

If you have been a lover of the most exotic of ornaments for quite some time now, it is time that you bring about an expansion in the closet and get hold of the best that has been made available for you.