Learn How to Wear Bangles in Many Ways

gold bangles designsBangles are one of essential jewellery that every woman loves to keep in their jewellery wardrobe. Also, bangles are essential to wear among married woman. To add a feminine touch to their look the women prefers to wear bangle. Jewellery should be chosen in a way that should match up your outfit as well.

A few years back only women used to wear bangles with their ethnic outfit and so they were more focused on gold bangle designs. But now this concept has got totally changed as with every kind of attire you can wear bangles. Wearing a bangle will not only make you look stylish but also there are different ways you can wear them.

Here are different ways which you can consider while wearing bangles:-

  • Different kinds of Shapes – Nowadays different kind of shapes are available if we talk about bangles. The smart choice to buy artificial bangles online is that you can pair up with your western wear. Choose the bangles that should not fall on your wrist. You can include smaller bangles with larger one to give a stylish effect on it.
  • Fewer or More – Unlike previous day’s women prefers to wear multiple bangles. Though, still wearing a single bangle is not out of trend. It is always recommended that you should opt for fewer bangles in case you are wearing western attire.
  • Events – As you know that all bangles are not fit to wear in all occasion. The kinds of bangles you will be wearing in a wedding party must differ what you wear in the casual outing.
  • Mix up – An innovative way to wear bangles is that you can mix it up with various colours, designs as well as textiles. But always keep in mind the basic colour structures that you must include in your bangle set.
  • Colours – Even nowadays you can wear bangles of multiple colours that either complement your attire or actually contrast with your attire.
  • Style – It is important that you properly choose the right bangles for the right event. Suppose you are going to a board meeting then the appropriate bangle for you is a simple one piece bangle. While chunky bangles are right to pair up with the loose skirt or fusion Kurtis.

Important Considerations

  • The new trends among bangles are the stackable bangles. You can wear various designs of these bangles. To get a contemporary look you can wear a set of 12 stackable bangles or set of 6.
  • If you want to buy gold plated bangles then types like rose gold or white gold could be a suitable option for any buyer.
  • You can also opt for bracelet bangles or pearl bangles during wedding season. They also can be incorporated with beautiful motifs and designs.
  • Also, many bangles are incorporated with precious gems or meenakari work that goes well with ethnic attire.