Be the Regal Princess with Authentic Kundan Jewellery

indian traditional jewellery

Jewellery is an undisputable part of the Indian consciousness. Kundan is a special type of jewellery that originated from the Mughal era and is still prevalent now. Though confused with other types of jewellery Kundan on its own forms an air of regal around its wearer.

Jewellery has been a part of the Indian consciousness from its ancient history. The fact that India was one of the main producers of gold and precious stones historically has also played a major part in solidifying the myth of jewellery in the Indian consciousness. Indian craftsmen are masters at creating various forms of jewellery and Kundan jewellery is one of the main ones. The availability of Kundan jewellery online has once again brought back this form of beauty in the conscious minds of the consumers.

What is the Authentic Kundan?

Misconceptions about Kundan jewellery is all around. People think that Kundan refers to the precious stones embedded in the gold in this type of jewellery. Many others confuse Kundan with other types of jewellery like Jadau or polka. None of them are very true. There may be similarities to other types but Kundan refers to a unique style of jewellery where glass pieces are embedded into a gold frame to create beautiful masterpieces. This type of jewellery does not have a high gold content as it is all about the precious stones. Firstly thin sheets of gold are placed to form the frame. Then the gold sheets are shaped into cup like structures to hold the stones of glass. Then these cup like shapes are filled with laakh so that they can hold the stones in place. Finally a small layer of gold is added on top of the laakh and then the stones are added. This process makes the stones reflect more light and make the piece a bit more regal. To bring colour to the stones, various enamels are added on the laakh so as the stones reflect that colour.

Slight difference with other Jewellery Types

Jadau – This is not a type of jewellery but rather a particular style of jewellery making. In this type the gold is melted and precious stones are set on the molten gold. Once it hardens the stones are attached. In this type of jewellery making, Adhesive is not used.

Meenakari – This type of jewellery was brought to India from the Persian land. In this style intricate designs are made in the front and back of the piece to give it an illustrious finish. Enamels are used for giving colouration of various kinds. Though a very elaborate process by itself, Meenakari can stand on its own or be counted in the Kundan family.

Polki – This type of jewellery is very similar to Kundan jewellery, but they differ slightly in the ingredients used. Instead of glass (as used in Kundan) uncut diamonds are used here. This makes this  type of jewellery much more expensive and much more illustrious.

So do not be confused or  deceived when you decide to buy jewellery. Indian traditional jewellery has an illustrious history and before you buy Kundan jewellery make sure you know which one is the authentic one.