Tips To Wear Silver Bangles for Every Occasion

artificial bangles onlineIf you one of among that woman who thinks that bangles are still in the latest trend and style then you are absolutely right. Silver bangles are still famous among people as people thinks that these bangles really add an extra charm to your entire attire. Also, silver bangles are also very versatile in nature. It’s not that if you buy artificial bangles online it means that it is only for wearing it with your ethnic outfit rather bangles also looks good with western attire. Here is a guide for all women who wants to get a stylish look with their silver bangles:-

Stack them Together

One of the finest ways to wear silver bangles is to stack them together to get a charming visual effect. Designer jewellery definitely provides a unique look to you as well as stylish. You can easily stack up many identical silver bangles or even can mix and match your bangles to get that appealing look. Just be sure that whatever pieces you wear must look good on you.

Wear a Bigger Size

If you want to wear bangles that fit totally in your wrist then it is perfectly alright but what really looks cool is that if you want to wear bangles that are a bit of bigger size. If you do that then the bangle will hang in your wrist and it will look like you have put on the bangle but can fall from your wrist anytime. It will give you a laid-back look but actually, this look only brings a wow factor.

Mix and Match

There are many women who love to mix up different metals altogether. For example, if they wear a silver bangle then they can easily opt for bronze bangles that will also include some colour. Also, this mix and match will break the boring style of wearing bangles. On the other hand, there are also many women who did not like to mix and match with their bangles. But, make sure that both silver and copper bangles look interesting with each other and also compliment it. You can also wear any kind of bangles made of beads to get that wow look.

You can also Use it as Armlets

Do you have any kind of silver bangles that is quite bigger for your wrist? Don’t worry as you can still wear those bangles instead of throwing them away. You can easily wear them like armlets, as these are the new fashion trends and really looks super awesome if you wear them with your indo-western outfit. Even with an ethnic outfit like sleeveless Kurtis, these armlets really look awesome.

Match up with your Watch

Even silver bangles look extremely cool with your silver watch. You can easily pair up the coolest silver bangles with your watch. This particular style in very much in as well as popular among youths.