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Bridal Jewelry – An integral part of tradition


A wedding day is a woman’s dream and a pitch perfect day where she can be the queen to all for the day. Dressing up and looking the best on the D-day takes top priority for any bride, and jewelry forms a vital part of it. Bridal jewelry refers to the fabulous sparkles that adorn the neck, wrists, ears and fingers of a bride on her special day. When it comes to selecting the perfect bridal jewelry, we are happy to help you with the best bridal jewelry collection. Each piece of jewelry that a bride wears symbolizes something traditionally or culturally.

Mangtikka : This giant jewel is worn in the middle of the forehead, on top of the hair-parting. It is special because it frames the bride’s face. Mangtikka’s are extremely traditional as they hang over the Ajna chakra, the home of the body’s mind and intellect.

Earrings : A latest chandbali, jhumka etc are here to compliment your stunning look. Therefore, earrings, for a new bride, were believed to work like a protector against evil.

Nosering : It is an very old tradition that brides wear nose ring. But now a days, wearing a nosering bigger than the normal size is the tradition to form an attractive look.

Necklace :  Adorn the love around the neck with the beautiful decoration. It means ranihaar, choker, polki necklace, kundan necklace etc and specially mangalsutra. Feel complete wearing it.

Ring : The wedding ring is the priceless ornaments for a bride because it is worn in the third finger of the left hand it is believed that the vein in that finger runs directly to the heart.

Bangles and Bajubandh : Enhance the beauty of hand wearing the latest collection of bangles and bajubandh. It shows the strength and ability- virtues that are vital for a bride.

Kamarbandh : Adds the grace to the bride and signifies the assumption of authority at the bride’s new home.

Anklet : A traditional piece of jewelry is worn around the anklets with its tinkling sound to bring the happiness to her husband’s house.

Just feel the happiness in the air with the smell of beautiful flowers which will make you look more gorgeous on your memorable day of life.