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Fashion Jewellery can Accentuate your Office Look

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Jewellery is that extra spark that can light up your life in a brand new way. It has the power to make you look your best on any given day. As more women are moving out of the confines of their homes and are doing jobs, the culture of jewellery is also changing from traditional costly jewellery to modern designer pocket friendly jewellery.

India is famous for its jewellery. Its history of intricate designs and elaborate and expensive patterns has always been at the centre point of Indian jewellery production. But as Indian women start to step out of their homes in the new century and start taking an active role in the corporate and industrial sectors, the jewellery of India is also undergoing a rapid shift in culture. People are now buying fashion jewellery online and are wearing them to offices, parties and are also wearing them in religious and family functions. Continue reading Fashion Jewellery can Accentuate your Office Look

Be the Regal Princess with Authentic Kundan Jewellery

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Jewellery is an undisputable part of the Indian consciousness. Kundan is a special type of jewellery that originated from the Mughal era and is still prevalent now. Though confused with other types of jewellery Kundan on its own forms an air of regal around its wearer.

Jewellery has been a part of the Indian consciousness from its ancient history. The fact that India was one of the main producers of gold and precious stones historically has also played a major part in solidifying the myth of jewellery in the Indian consciousness. Indian craftsmen are masters at creating various forms of jewellery and Kundan jewellery is one of the main ones. The availability of Kundan jewellery online has once again brought back this form of beauty in the conscious minds of the consumers. Continue reading Be the Regal Princess with Authentic Kundan Jewellery

India – A Land Of Ornamental Diversities for Years

rajasthani traditional jewelleryJewellery happens to be something that can be found in plenty in India. In fact India happens to be a place where you can get hold of a never ending variety of ornaments, not just the traditional ones but costume jewellery in its best form as well.

The cultural and traditional spirit of India can be well reflected in the type of jewellery that is worn and possessed by the women in India. Adding on to the grandeur of the entire thing is the fact that Indian jewellery as a whole happens to be a contribution of pieces from several nooks and corners of the entire Indian subcontinent. Be it the Rajasthani traditional jewellery or jewellery pertaining to the South, each piece seems to have a grandeur of their own. Continue reading India – A Land Of Ornamental Diversities for Years

Here is Why Cheap Silver Jewellery is Making a Comeback

cheap indian jewellery onlineSilver jewellery is the new thing that is raging across the fashion industry. It is cheap and durable and young working class people are flocking to buy them online, as they do.

Silver is one those metals that has been used to make jewellery for a long time now. Silver jewellery is making a comeback in the fashion trends recently and artisan silver jewellery is now the new in thing. With the advent of online shopping of jewellery ordering your favourite design has become extremely easy and user friendly. Silver being much cheaper than platinum or white gold, has de facto become the metal of choice for a large number of people in a developing country like India. Continue reading Here is Why Cheap Silver Jewellery is Making a Comeback

The X-Factor of Your Life – Jewellery

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Jewellery has been an ornament, an asset, a recognition of pride. With the advent of the internet age, jewellery has opened up to interpretations. Jewellery for man is making a comeback and the fact that jewellery has been a major mode of investment is being re established in these times of economic uncertainity. Continue reading The X-Factor of Your Life – Jewellery