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The Bangle Collection for Every Woman at a Wedding!

If you are looking forward to a wedding in the near future, then you must make sure that your jewelry game is on point. But how do you make it happen impeccably? Well, in this blog, we are going to relieve some of the load and stress that you have been carrying around, concerning what bangles to wear during the occasion.

Now we will let you in 3 different bangles, one for each woman role in the wedding – the bride, the maid of honor or bride’s best friend / sister, and the bride’s mother. Excited to know which imitation bangles for which? Let’s find out now – Continue reading The Bangle Collection for Every Woman at a Wedding!

3 Reasons why the Artificial Necklace are Gaining New Ground!

When it comes to necklaces, women have always had a soft spot for it – and for years it was widely dominated by what was expensive, more than what was fashionable. That went on for a long time, during which fashion necklaces were gaining quick ground. Today, things have changed a lot from the previous predicament and here’s how –

Artificial necklaces have grown and matured into ornaments that can now be worn in all kinds of events and functions and women just cannot have enough. This blog looks into why the necklaces are now becoming a dominating force. Let’s take a look –

They are affordable

Fashion necklaces always had the money factor going for them. They came at affordable prices and that allowed women to accumulate a more diverse set of necklaces in general. Also, it made them feel safer and women did not have to worry about getting robbed or targeted because they were wearing something very expensive.

In the modern day, where women step out of the house to work and chase their dreams, this was a welcome change. Continue reading 3 Reasons why the Artificial Necklace are Gaining New Ground!

3 Ring Styles to Cover for every Occasion Ever!

If shoes makes a man, then rings make a hand and getting the right ones in your kitty can make all the difference. Rings come in different template styles and if you cover the important ones well enough, then your wardrobe is set.

This blog brings to you the 3 must-have ring styles that are going to cover for you on every occasion ever. With this kind of hack, doing your rings right could not have been easier. So, if you are ready, then here is top imitation rings style you need –

  • The Finger Band Ring Style

A common variant of ring style, this is great for regular wear and adds a lot of class to your work attire. It is simplistic, sophisticated, and timeless – the three reasons that often make it the best choice for wedding rings.

Generally worn in silver, platinum, or white gold make, you could get it in gold as well, but sometimes simplicity is just better the way it is. For the more affordable versions, artificial rings also come with alloy make and platinum or silver polish, depending on your taste. Continue reading 3 Ring Styles to Cover for every Occasion Ever!

3 Ways Bangles and Bracelets Change Your Avatar!

Women always go crazy about bangles and bracelets without even pondering upon what it is that makes these ornaments such a must-have for them. Why are bangles so in demand? How do they contribute to the overall look and feel of the dress?

This blog is going to take a close look to find out why the bangle is so famous – and why it changes your total avatar. Interested to know? Let’s take a look –

Bangles add a holistic feel to your jewellery

If you are fanatic for jewellery, then imitation bangles are something you must pay attention to. These ornaments match with your other jewellery pieces and give an overall holistic look to any of dressing attires for an occasion.

Without the right matching bangles, the whole ethnic or formal dress would fall apart and one would have to regret it later on. It is best therefore, to get the right pair of bangles beforehand. Continue reading 3 Ways Bangles and Bracelets Change Your Avatar!