3 Ways Bangles and Bracelets Change Your Avatar!


Women always go crazy about bangles and bracelets without even pondering upon what it is that makes these ornaments such a must-have for them. Why are bangles so in demand? How do they contribute to the overall look and feel of the dress?

This blog is going to take a close look to find out why the bangle is so famous – and why it changes your total avatar. Interested to know? Let’s take a look –

Bangles add a holistic feel to your jewellery

If you are fanatic for jewellery, then imitation bangles are something you must pay attention to. These ornaments match with your other jewellery pieces and give an overall holistic look to any of dressing attires for an occasion.

Without the right matching bangles, the whole ethnic or formal dress would fall apart and one would have to regret it later on. It is best therefore, to get the right pair of bangles beforehand.

The ornaments are believed to be a sign of prosperity

In the Indian culture, the prosperity of the woman’s husband or father is often marked by her bangles and without these, their hands seem empty to the older generation. That is why you will always find the elder women in the house wearing some bangle ornament on their hands.

While those days and rituals are archaic now to the modern day middle class Indian, the cultural connotation has found itself as a subtext that rests in the back of the mind.

Even today therefore, one can often see women in Indian homes wearing stylish artificial bangles to balance between tradition and fashion.

They bring a new dynamic to your hands

It is believed that the right bangles set add a beauty and seduction to the gestures of a woman and not many men are going to argue that. These ornaments truly bring a new dynamic to popular femininity.

These are the 3 ways in which these embellishments along with artificial bracelets bring new flavour to and change the avatar of women. So, what are you still waiting for? Get your collection now!