The Bangle Collection for Every Woman at a Wedding!


If you are looking forward to a wedding in the near future, then you must make sure that your jewelry game is on point. But how do you make it happen impeccably? Well, in this blog, we are going to relieve some of the load and stress that you have been carrying around, concerning what bangles to wear during the occasion.

Now we will let you in 3 different bangles, one for each woman role in the wedding – the bride, the maid of honor or bride’s best friend / sister, and the bride’s mother. Excited to know which imitation bangles for which? Let’s find out now –

1. The Bride’s Bangles

The bride is definitely the one where all eyes will stand still, and looking the part comes with the job profile. Our pick is the sparkling white pearls artificial bangles – it has the sophistication of pearl, the bling of AD stones, and the polish of gold on metal alloy, making it the perfect combo.

However, since it is the bride that we are talking about here, you will need one of the best artificial bracelets as well. In that case, we feel that the CZ exquisite clutch bracelet should be your choice. Studded with AD stones marked by black stones in far off intervals, it is definitely the best you can get.

2. The Maid of Honor’s Bangle

Maid of honor is generally the sister or friend of the bride and she must get some glares as well – so our pick is the gold polished AD stone studded floral design bangle. It’s modern and looks good with everything – whether it be lehenga or saree. It is one of the most progressive designs of bangles online.

3. The Bride’s Mother’s Bangle

This is a day of great responsibility for the mother, but that doesn’t mean she cannot carry it out in style. While she will wear a bangles set is obvious, but our must-have pick for her is the polki gold finished bangle. It is classy, aged like fine wine, and holds the authority of responsibility impeccably; not to mention the old school antique tint of glamour.

These are the 3 bangles and 1 bracelet that we have picked out for the 3 major women’s role in your next wedding. If you did like it, then get it for yourself and the other two – right now!