Get Set for your Next Wedding Invitation with these Fashion Earrings!

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Wedding invitations are always fun, especially if you have the right set of ornaments to sail you through the whole event. Women have always been fascinated by union ceremonies, whether it’s their own or their friends and family – and getting decked up is just part and parcel of the game.

This blog looks into a few of the most fashionable artificial earrings this season to get you ready for your wedding invitations. Let’s take a look –

1.CZ Pearl Jhumka Earrings

Jhumkas are a staple in any big fat Indian wedding, simply because they are so gorgeous in every imaginable way. This one is made with a gold polished alloy and studded with tiny specks of AD stones and a hanging water adroplet pearl.

The conical shape and the stone studded ear pin from which it hangs is definitely something to make the others envious of.

2.CZ Bell Shaped Jhumka Earrings

When buying earrings online, this one is definitely going to grab your attention in a hypnotic gaze. The water droplet ear pin is studded with little AD stones and from it hands the bell that blends the gold polish alloy and AD stone design rather uniquely.

The hanging pearl from this jhumka earring comes with a gold embellished design that forms a crown, and this one is good enough to tackle any big event.

3.Antique Polki Design Earrings

With the two above having represented the pros of jewellery fusion, this one is an out an out traditional earrings. The antique look has long been a fashion in the North Indian jewellery sensibilities and the intricate polki work with a few AD studded strategically to enhance its beauty, makes this earring a prize worth chasing.

The floral motif on the ear pin is definitely well expressed with AD stones as well.

These are the 3 earrings that have enough leverage in them to make your upcoming wedding ceremonies filled with style, panache, and glamour. While there are many other designs, these capture the essence of the Indian opulence better than most!