Do you Know What are the Different Types of Pearls?

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Unlike the other gemstones, pearls are formed within living creatures known as mussels and oysters. A natural pearl is formed when a fishbone or sand gets into the body of the oyster. This is the reason of the irritation in the body of the oyster and in order to get rid of this, the creature secrets layers of nacre on the irritant, that over a long period of time gets transformed into a pearl. Pearls are always considered as the symbols of timelessness, elegance, and charm. You can explore the online pearl jewellery collection to know the various types of pearls available today. If you are a novice to pearl, then continue reading to know the different types of this lustrous gemstone.

Pearls are widely classified into cultured and natural pearls. Wild or natural pearls are found by the shellfish harvesters. No human intervention is involved. However these types of pearls are rarely found and are expensive because of this reason. Natural pearls are also smaller in size as compared to the one made artificially. Cultured pearls are created in the pearl farms with the intervention of humans. In this case, an irritant is pushed into the shell of the molluscs. Most of the pearls available today in the market or the store from where you can buy online pearl jewellery come from many regions of the country.

Cultured Pearls are also Classified Into three Types, Namely: –

  • Akoya Pearls: – This type of cultured pearl is often referred to as the classic pearls. When you think of the classic strand of the round-shaped white pearls, you are actually imagining the akoya pearls as these are perfectly round in shape and have reflective luster.
  • Freshwater Pearls: – These varieties are the most reasonably-priced pearls among all the other types and are the perfect option for every fashion-conscious lady. These are well-known for the baroque shape and are available in the online chique pearl jewellery store in a broad range of pastel shades. These are softer than the Akoya pearls.
  • Tahitian Pearls: – These are termed as the exotic and dark pearls. These occur naturally and can also be found in other colors like grey, blue, and green. Round-shaped tahitian pearls are rarely found and are commonly found as ovals or drops.

So, now you know the different types of pearls. Isn’t it? So what are you going to do next? Check out the chique pearl sets and order for one to be the most graceful personality in every occasion and event.