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Why Your Rings Could Make or Break a Look?

The hands have always been one of the main parts of ornamentation, and rings are probably the most symbolic of the lot. Rings mark every kind of union in different cultures, from marriage and friendship, to trust, love, and even respect. It has long been one of the most primary embellishments of choice.

In fact, it might surprise you to know that finger rings online made by imitation jewellers can make or break your look! Interested to know why they are so important? Here’s a look – Continue reading Why Your Rings Could Make or Break a Look?

Must-Have Traditional Earrings to Flaunt Your Gorgeous Indian Look

Every Indian girl with a little fashion sense is aware that rocking traditional clothes without a pair of extraordinary earrings is next to impossible. Just like stylish bags, pairs of shoes or cosmetics, a girl can never have too many traditional earrings. From chandbalis to jhumkas, it is necessary to have all of them in your jewelry collection and Chique Fashion happens to have the most elaborate selection of imitation earrings in traditional styles.

So, ladies, make sure you choose the best when it comes to dressing up for the occasion. We have for you below some of our popular traditional earrings that will definitely help you to steal the show. Take a look. Continue reading Must-Have Traditional Earrings to Flaunt Your Gorgeous Indian Look

Complete Your Makeover With The Online Junk Jewelleries

Junk Jewellery Online Shopping is far better than buying these from the market stores.The widest range is found under this single roof at reasonable prices.

Jewelleries hold a significant place in the hearts of the Indian women. Every woman loves to adorn herself with different types of junk jewelleries for reasons such as accentuating her looks, attending special functions, getting ready for festivals, etc. Since jewelleries are the intricate part of a woman’s life, she tends to stock it in diverse styles, colors, patterns, designs, and materials. In this country, the expensive ornaments like the diamond and gold pieces are the foremost choices of most of the women. But these precious jewelleries sometime become a bit heavy for the pocket. In such scenarios, one may resort to the inexpensive version i.e., the junk jewelleries. The option of Online Shopping of Jewellery is much more convenient than purchasing these from the market hubs as both time and money can be saved on the most striking pieces. Junk jewelleries also known as the fashion jewelleries are quite popular amongst the Indian women because these are pocket-friendly as well as available in plethora of designs. Continue reading Complete Your Makeover With The Online Junk Jewelleries

Pearl Necklaces – The Symbol Of Grace And Charm


The Online Pearl Jewellery Collection is the widest in terms of designs, shapes, and shine. Enclose a few pearl necklaces in your drawer from the range.

Pearls are one of the fresh staple in the collection of women’s fashion. Simple and sober yet pearls exude elegance and grace in every form of it. The Online Pearl Jewellery Collection is the largest shopping hub offering the finest pearl accessories in the best prices. Continue reading Pearl Necklaces – The Symbol Of Grace And Charm

Different Kinds Of Costume Jewellery To Uplift Your Style


Nowadays costume jewellery can surely pick up your style mantra because they look really beautiful and are perfect to wear anytime. Moreover, you can also buy custom jewellery online at affordable price.

There are so many styles to include in your fashion closet but which one to pick sometimes really gets confusing as well. But you can opt for several Costume Jewellery Online that definitely able to uplift your style mantra. Here are some kinds of jewellery which you must include in your jewellery trousseau. Continue reading Different Kinds Of Costume Jewellery To Uplift Your Style

Types of Bridal Jewellery That Every Bride Must Own

bridal-jewellery-blogPeople say that jewellery is something which can make you look unique from the others. For every bride, this is one of the most important possessions. Can you ever say no to some beautiful jewellery? For some of the people, they wear their ancestral jewellery on their special day. Some of the people choose to buy Indian Bridal Jewellery Online to get that personalised touch. Picking the right jewellery for your wedding is definitely a very laborious task.

Thus, it is important that you must choose the right one,

Different styles of jewellery

  • Kundan – These are the jewellery which has been first used by the Mughals, this particular type of jewellery is made by the artisans of Rajasthan and leaves an elaborate design on the jewellery. This is one of the finest examples of Artificial stone jewellery inclusive of gold as well as stone jewellery. If you want to wear something different instead of gold then Kundan jewellery is the best thing you can wear on your perfect day.
  • Pearl jewellery– Pearl jewellery is considered as queen of all jewellery. If you want to look gorgeous and keep a minimal look then Pearl is the best choice to have. Moreover, if you want to add a royatly in your look then Pearl is the best jewellery to wear. Pearl jewellery actually depicts a very classy touch starting from maangtikkas to earrings, bracelets and what not to make you look a perfect diva.
  • Silver jewellery– It’s not that silver jewellery cannot be possessed by the bridal woman. Obviously, after your marriage for your everyday work you just cannot wear heavy or gold jewellery. So, silver jewellery is the best thing which you can opt for. You will definitely look beautiful and your style will definitely be different from others.
  • Polki jewellery – This type of jewellery have been specifically been came into existence since the Mughal era. Polki is such kind of diamonds which are made of precious stones. Most of the brides are choosing this particular kind of jewellery instead of gold or silver ones. The jewellery is also much popular because of its exquisite shine as well as designs.  Also, if we look at the money, then it offers a better result than the Kundan jewellery.
  • Temple Jewellery– This particular jewellery basically used on Gods and Goddesses since ancient time. Thus, from there the name of the jewellery is derived as the idols were placed in the temples.  This particular jewellery entered among the people informs of dance jewellery and gradually it entered into main stream bridal jewellery collection.

•    Gold jewellery– Last but not the least we just cannot forget about gold. This is one of the most probable kinds which most of the   women love to wear and also it is considered to be very          auspicious to wear during marriage.

Elegant Pearl Jewellery for Every Modern Woman

online pearl jewellery collection

A woman is always said to be blessed because she can dress up very gorgeously and also can experiment with her look. She still can look immensely beautiful and stunning jewellery definitely adds an extra wow factor to her look. Statement earrings, chic necklaces, ear cuffs, fashionable bangles are enough a woman to look best from the rest. But wearing pearl jewellery by any means will make you look more beautiful. Every woman while doing online shopping of jewellery must look into these factors and mostly when we are talking about pearls.

Continue reading Elegant Pearl Jewellery for Every Modern Woman

Here is Why Cheap Silver Jewellery is Making a Comeback

cheap indian jewellery onlineSilver jewellery is the new thing that is raging across the fashion industry. It is cheap and durable and young working class people are flocking to buy them online, as they do.

Silver is one those metals that has been used to make jewellery for a long time now. Silver jewellery is making a comeback in the fashion trends recently and artisan silver jewellery is now the new in thing. With the advent of online shopping of jewellery ordering your favourite design has become extremely easy and user friendly. Silver being much cheaper than platinum or white gold, has de facto become the metal of choice for a large number of people in a developing country like India. Continue reading Here is Why Cheap Silver Jewellery is Making a Comeback